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Construction Employers Association
Serving Members since 1969

We are an Association of Contractors and supporting businesses serving the North Central West Virginia area. We offer two classifications of membership: Regular Members - consisting of general, sub, specialty and heavy/highway construction firms that utilize Union Labor exclusively; and Associate Members - consisting of suppliers of materials and/or equipment, financial institutions, architect, engineers, etc.. As part of our member services, we maintain a Plan Room in-house and via this website which provides plans and specifications of upcoming jobs to be bid in West Virginia. It should be noted that all Association services are limited to Members Only.


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Online Subscriber (additional service available to standard Regular and Associate Members):

If you are a Member and want to become an Online Subsciber, follow the link below to fill out the Membership Application to begin using the Digital Plan Room. If you are already a Subscriber, Log-in to the Digital Plan Room now.

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