North Central WV Construction Employers Association


Labor Relations

The negotiating and administration of a total of fourteen collective bargaining agreements having jurisdiction in the North Central West Virginia area is one of the primary functions of the Association.   Administration and servicing of the collective bargaining agreements includes the handling and processing of all grievances, arbitration issues and jurisdictional disputes with legal assistance and competent labor relations representation.   A liaison is maintained with the North Central West Virginia Building Trades Council in the Clarksburg/Fairmont and Morgantown, West Virginia areas. A constant paper flow and exchange of ideas and information has developed mutual trust and understanding between Union Representatives and Unionized Employers.

Public Relations

CEA membership represents the highest degree of skill and achievement obtainable within the construction industry. It is through the efforts of the Association that the general public and those utilizing construction services are kept informed and constantly reminded of local and industry-wide activities.


The Association maintains a continious flow of communications through committees such as Executive, Labor Relations, Finance, Legislation, Safety, Membership, Nominating and Program.   Information is dispensed not only to its members but also to local, state and national officials concerning various activities and items of interest within the industry.


Social events such as the Annual Membership Business Meeting and the Annual Fall Sporting Clay Shoot event highlight a list of ongoing activities within the Association. For more information about upcoming activities, visit the News & Events page of this site.

News Service and Communications

Published on a quarterly basis, the Association Newsletter contains items of pertinent information to inform members and Industry Fund contributors of industry activities on a local, state and national scale.   Items of interest relative to legal construction news and national labor relations are also included in order to maintain informative, well-rounded new coverage.   In addition to the Association Newsletter, a Plan Room Bulletin is published and transmitted to Association Members on a weekly basis.   A Directory and Services Guide is published biennially listing Membership information and industry related contacts.  

Education and Safety

In order to keep pace with ever-developing new technological, economic and human relation needs that exist today, it becomes increasingly important that uniform educational and safety training programs are presented on a periodic timely basis.

Association Members are provided with various construction related educational programs and seminars sponsored through a cooperative labor education and development program in conjunction with local colleges and institutions.

In addition to educational and safety seminars, specific information is periodically disseminated to assist in attaining federal compliance with the occupational safety and health act.   In 2000 a joint Partnership Agreement was established with OSHA and is available for CEA Members who can quality. In addition to substance abuse screening, a comprehensive training program of 10 and 30 hour OSHA courses has been developed and is implemented on a consistent ongoing basis.

Trust Funds and Apprenticeship Programs

JOINT APPRENTICESHIP COMMITTEES consisting of Labor and Management trustees provide and actively promote the training and employment of Apprentice Trainees.

Educators at the High School, Vo-Tech and College level are informed and advised of Apprenticeship opportunities through formal Labor/Management presentations.

Association members and staff also serve as employer trustees on various Health and Welfare, Pension Plans, and Apprenticeship Committees for individual crafts.

Association Facilities

A large Plan Room is provided within the Association facilities.   Complete drawing and specification reproduction service is available.   The Plan Room is completely digital and provides member affiliates with complete electronic online viewing and downloading of bidding documents and other data.

Maps and wage rates are available to members.   Notary Service is also available.

The Association facilities provide for a common meeting place for all those engaged in construction and related industries.   The facilities also serve as the BUILDING CENTER FOR THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY IN THE NORTH CENTRAL AND GREATER WEST VIRGINIA AREA.

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